HOLDEN GUNSTER is a New York City Based Scenic Designer
He is originally from the state of Maryland, which is where he first got roped into theatre.
Begrudgingly convinced by his high-school girlfriend (who, despite his claims at the time, did not turn out to be the love of his life) to assist in building scenery for an original production entitled "Y Bother," in which the personified letters of the alphabet must convince a young girl the importance of literacy, he strangely but quickly fell in love with the world of theatre.
He received his BA in Theatre from Binghamton University (SUNY) with a concentration in Scenic Design and Technical Direction. 
After being handed his diploma on the very stage he had spent the past day building and lighting, Holden moved to New York City and now works as a Freelance Designer, Associate, and Technical Director.

Holden has a passion for new works, especially those that deal with the human condition and address the issues of our society. He believes that theatre and art are a driver of change and that new voices need to be heard. He will always continue to fight to promote the voices that have been silenced for far too long.

Contact Holden at: HGunster@HoldenGunster.com